Origins of the concept


The original observation was to say that too many players wrongly use monofilament polyester strings, especially young players. Many professional players use this type of strings but unfortunately young players don’t have the technique, the level or the muscular power to use it.


To gain performance, players have no choice but to switch from a multi to a mono. Too stiff, the mono currently available on the market pose a high risk of injury (elbow, shoulder, arm). A problem often encountered by players with limited physical abilities with intense and regular practice


Why this choice ? Because today only two categories of strings cover the tennis market: monofilament polyester and multifilament. Two types of products aimed at players with different techniques and aspirations, leaving a gap between the two offers and resulting in a default choice.


Dual Dynamics® technology offers a true alternative to polyester monofilaments and multifilaments. It responds to a confirmed need of the players: to be able to progress safely without limit of performance.


The specificity of the Dual Dynamics® technology is to combine technical properties that have never been assembled in one and same string. The Research & Development (4 years) has made it possible to combine the qualities of polyester monofilaments with the comfort and sensations procured by the multi. And this by mitigating their respective disadvantages: traumatic impacts for the mono and the lack of control and durability for the multi.


The new “X” Range has for goals :


  •  Replace a multifilament often very expensive and unsustainable, especially with the X10 and X12 for players with a low or moderate frequency of breakage. With this patented technology, they will bring real punching power and feel-good play to the players while preserving their physical abilities.
  • To propose a complete alternative between a very flexible and comfortable string like the multifilament and a very rigid string like the polyester monofilament for players with an important frequency of breakage. This is thanks to a hybrid combination series : Hybrid Series.



Secrets of the material


The patented Dual Dynamics® technology meets uncompromising performance and protection objectives. Its 100% polyamide composition and its simple structure offer a double benefice. Its consists of two layers with different and specific properties to provide complementary dynamic action : a damping interior structure associated with an elastic outer skin.


Role of the heart : the heart cushion the impact of the ball, absorbs vibrations and harmful energy for more comfort and touch


Role of the skin : Very elastic,  the skin returns all the energy to the stored in itself shortening and promotes explosiveness to the striking.